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Each District 1 Committee is led by one or two Chairs and a necessary number of committee members to support the function of the committee.

Applications will be reviewed by the five chapter 1st and 2nd Delegates and the District 1 Trustee. VP’s will be voted on, followed by all other positions.

All remaining applications will be considered for the Chair position. Chairs will be elected by majority rule, followed by vice- chairs. Special positions will also be elected by majority rule.

As needed throughout the year, Chairs may nominate Members to assist with special projects. Members must be approved by the committee’s respective Vice President.

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Trustee team

The District 1 Trustee Team is made of the Trustee, Senior Advisor, 3 Vice Presidents, Chief of Staff, and Treasurer.

District 1 Senior Advisor

The district senior advisor is appointed by the trustee. It is traditionally held by the immediate past trustee, but an immediate past vice president can also be appointed.

District 1 Vice Presidents

The district vice presidents (VP) will work closely with the District 1 Trustee and Immediate Past Trustee in overseeing all the committees and activities of the district. The VPs will split their duties, be present at all cabinet meetings, setting up conference calls between committee, taking and distributing meeting minutes, organizing district emails, and assists in event planning for each district committee. They can also approve committee members nominated by committee chairs. The VP’s have the important job of maintaining communication and resources to all district and chapter leaders, holding chairs responsible for their duties and working as a team. Please read committee responsibilities carefully in addition to the speci!c actions items listed below.

Responsibilities of all three Vice Presidents

  • Set up conference calls for committees Set up joint calls as needed
  • Follow-up with district leaders
  • Assist committees in creating and distributing meeting minutes
  • Assist in the planning of all District 1 events including Summer Social, Annual Meeting & Gala, District 1 Debate, and the ASDA District 1 Boat Cruise
  • Preside at District 1 events
  • Work closely as the Trustee Team in overseeing all activities of the district
  • Ensure chairs are reaching out to national and chapter level counterparts
  • Works with the District 1 Trustee for District 1 Project: Barriers to Care

Chief of Staff

  • Oversee and update the district 1 calendar with meetings and events
  • Send reminders and take minutes in full district cabinet meetings and presidential council meetings


  • Manage the district bank account
  • Oversee funds coming in and out of the account
  • Maintain communications with sponsors and work closely with the events team Oversee and serve as chair of the fundraising committee

Events Committee

The events committee brings together all the district and chapter leaders for fun social events. The committee works hard with the chapter delegates to !nd dates that work for all schools, venues to hold social events, and event themes.

Events Chair

  • Plans and organizes the Summer Social, Annual Meeting & Gala, District 1 Debate, and the ASDA District 1 Boat Cruise
  • Includes Advocacy, Professional Development and Wellness Teams when planning
  • events
  • Works closely with sponsors and dental societies to bring social events to District 1 Communicates with speakers, venues, manages event schedules, and relays information to Communications Team
  • Manages the budgets for district activities and events and raises funds for the district Delegates speci!c scope of duties to vice-chairs and special positions