The Great Debate

2020 MDS and ASDA District 1 Champions University of Connecticut

Each year, Massachusetts Dental Society and ASDA District 1 work together on the Great Debate. Teams must use evidence, conviction and sportsmanship to take home the trophy.

Round 1: UConn v Tufts

Flipped Classroom in Dental Education

Flipped classrooms are a form of blended learning that may use pre-reading, watching videos or other self-paced learning in advance of classes. During class, professors may choose to engage in discussions, workshops or problem-based learning. Should the flipped classroom model be used in Dental Education?

Round 2: PreDents v BU

Direct-to-Consumer Dental Services

There is a growing presence of direct-to-consumer (DTC) dental laboratory services, where patients are instructed in how to independently take their own impressions and order products such as mouth guards, snoring appliances, teeth whitening trays and bleaching products, partial dentures, veneers and aligners. (ADA)

Round 3: Harvard v UNE


A health insurance payment system in which a doctor is paid a fee for each individual service rendered, essentially rewarding medical providers for volume, regardless of the outcome. There has been a shift in the last several years away from fee-for-service payment models and towards value-based payments that reward medical providers based on efficiency and patient outcomes, rather than the volume of services provided.

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