The Cabinet

Applications are now open for the 2020-2021 leaders! Thank you to our 2019-2020 leaders!  The following individuals listed below represented District 1. Thank you for the your hard work and for an the 5 chapters. They are all currently working very hard to make the upcoming ASDA events extraordinary year.

Trustee Team

JT vegrzyn

Alia OsserianGianna Pico.png

Events Committee

Emily Su

Maggie WuKathryn ForthShaan SehgalElika Ebrahimi

Communications Committee

Dani Vargas
Krupali Patel
Jamie Chan

Fundraising Committee

Hannah Demers
Emily Chan
Troy Vagianelis.png

Membership Committee

Janice Cen.png
Taha Ghouleh.png

Health & Wellness Committee

Alexandra Penta.png
Kevin Wu.png
Kristina Caravelli.png

Advocacy Committee

Marina Zoghbi
Logan Wilson
Faraz Shamsi.png

Professional Development Committee

Mark Pugliese____David DaneshMark Berenshteyn ____Lauren Cardarelli.png

Pre-Dental Committee

Copy of Julia Lafen
Dionne May.png
Kasey Ha.png
Camron Rivera.png
Sara Ha.png
Grace Juhoi Jung
Sabin Dhamala

Newsletter Committee

David Alpert
Nikita Naumowicz.png
Joey Zeng
Richard Shen
Jillian Bernstein


UNE Delegates

Emily Richard
Melika Moeini

Tufts Delegates

Airy Choi
Allie Penta

UConn Delegates

Taleen Kalajian
Alexandra McKenna
Julia Lafen

Harvard Delegates

Kasey Ha
Karen He

BU Delegates

Abbey Cook
Mark Pugliese

Past Trustees:

Lindsey Janof – Boston, 2018-2019

Molly Conlon – Boston, 2017-2018

Ava Lindert – UNE, 2016-2017

Mandeep Alamwala – Tufts, 2015-2016

Helen Yang – Harvard – 2014-2015

For questions or inquiries, please contact us at

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