Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was District 1’s biannual newsletter. It ran from 2018-2023. Each semester it was curated by our communications team with input from students across the district. We hope you will enjoy taking a look back at District 1’s past.

Spring 2023. Learn about our first District 1 Annual meeting since before COVID. UNE’s first debate win in years, and a look into the trials and triumphs of transitioning into clinic. HERE!

Fall 2023. Find out the health benefits of coffee, sail away with us on the annual D1 boat cruise, and travel with some district 1 members to cool places! HERE

Spring 2022. Newsletter. Take a peek to learn more about being sustainable, see some pictures from Annual Session, and meet some cute pets from District 1. Check it out here !

Click here for the Summer/Fall 2021 Newsletter

Click here for the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Pulp Fiction to see national updates and take a road trip around New England!

From COVID quarantine recipes to all things advocacy, take a jump into the District 1 Fall 2020 edition of Pulp Fiction! Congrats to Anna Bollag and HSDM for winning the cover competition

Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Pulp Fiction tackles professional development and features your chapter photos.

Check out the spring issue of Pulp Fiction that was released in April 2019. As the Newsletter team’s term for 2018-2019 come to a close, they enjoyed starting the newsletter for District 1 and have paved the way for the many issues that are yet to come. Special thanks to our Amazing Newsletter Team: Daniel Shen (Harvard), Jess Rudman (UConn), and Rachel Young (Tufts).

The second issue of Pulp Fiction highlights events from District 1, including Annual Session and the District 1 Meeting, Cooking Recipes and Hidden Talents from Faculty & Students from District 1, and a feature of our National Leaders of District 1, including our new District 1 Trustee JT Vegryzn, Speaker of the House Anisha Pandya, Editorial Board Jess Rudman, and Council of Communications Associate Matt Lee.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.51.04 PM.png

In the first edition of our newsletter, you will find a range of engaging articles – ranging from the unique perspectives on juggling dental school with a family to the cute and cuddly pets our District 1 members have at home.

Looking for District 1 Pearls…

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