Harvard School of Dental Medicine

First Delegate: Adam Yang
Second Delegate: Jake Cantrell

As one of the biggest student-run organizations at HSDM, HSDM ASDA advances the welfare of dental students in the Harvard community and fosters the growth of student leaders in dentistry to advance the profession at the state and national level. Our goals are rooted in outreach, advocacy, and public education. A few of our favorite community events include the annual Give Kids a Smile/Give Veterans a Smile Clinic and the “Introduction to Dentistry” course for pre-dental students. We are also committed to advocating for dental students’ rights and community health! A few initiatives include supporting the reformation of the live-patient clinical licensure exam in Massachusetts and promoting community water fluoridation through educational outreach. We are always excited to collaborate with other dental students and professionals to achieve the collective goal of advancing the field, so please reach out to us if you have any ideas!

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