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Summer Reading Recap

There is nothing better than a beautiful New England summer, especially if you have a good book in your hand. It’s easy to scroll on TikTok or Instagram when not in class or clinic, but as we’ve all heard since we were kids, reading is good for your brain! Studies show reading can help toContinue reading “Summer Reading Recap”

Lessons Learned from the Most Self-Learned Person: A Dental Student’s Perspective of Leonardo Da Vinci

By: Lena Syed, Tufts ‘24 Book: Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson You may know Leonardo Da Vinci as an inventor of flying machines, the painter of Mona Lisa’s famous smile, a scientist, an engineer, or a sculptor. In essence, he was an expert observer. He received little schooling and prioritized learning from experience ratherContinue reading “Lessons Learned from the Most Self-Learned Person: A Dental Student’s Perspective of Leonardo Da Vinci”

Back to (Dental) School: Part 2

By: Aimee Parado (TUSDM ‘24) and Sweta Parikh (UNE ’23) For the second and final part of our Back to School Series, Jessica Murphree (HSDM ‘23), Swati Gupta (BU ‘23), and Diandra A. Jones (TUSDM ‘25) share more of their back-to-school tips. This post focuses on factors that contribute to a student’s well-being in dentalContinue reading “Back to (Dental) School: Part 2”

Back to (Dental) School: Part 1

By: Aimee Parado (TUSDM ‘24) and Sweta Parikh (UNE ’23) It’s that time of the year again: back to school! Maybe you’re returning for another semester of dental school, or maybe you’re a D1 beginning the journey. The start of a new school year is exciting—there is a whole year ahead for learning, growth, andContinue reading “Back to (Dental) School: Part 1”


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