Staying Involved in Dental School

By: Sweta Parikh (UNE ’23) and Aimee Parado (TUSDM ’24) Fall is here and after two months of meeting new classmates and professors, getting lost on campus, and scrambling to find the neatest way to organize our notes, many of us have finally settled into a dental school routine! Fall also means that we areContinue reading “Staying Involved in Dental School”

Back to (Dental) School: Part 2

By: Aimee Parado (TUSDM ‘24) and Sweta Parikh (UNE ’23) For the second and final part of our Back to School Series, Jessica Murphree (HSDM ‘23), Swati Gupta (BU ‘23), and Diandra A. Jones (TUSDM ‘25) share more of their back-to-school tips. This post focuses on factors that contribute to a student’s well-being in dentalContinue reading “Back to (Dental) School: Part 2”

Back to (Dental) School: Part 1

By: Aimee Parado (TUSDM ‘24) and Sweta Parikh (UNE ’23) It’s that time of the year again: back to school! Maybe you’re returning for another semester of dental school, or maybe you’re a D1 beginning the journey. The start of a new school year is exciting—there is a whole year ahead for learning, growth, andContinue reading “Back to (Dental) School: Part 1”

UNE ASDA: Successful First Webinar for Predental Students

By: Michelle Morales On July 26th 2020, the Predental Committee at the University of New England (UNE)  hosted our first online “Predental Webinar Q&A Series,” where 50 predental students from 19 different states across the U.S. had the opportunity to learn more about the College of Dental Medicine (CDM), DMD Program at UNE, and theContinue reading “UNE ASDA: Successful First Webinar for Predental Students”

Cheers and Tears during COVID-19

We encourage you to check your state’s regulation on reopening – stay safe district 1! Connecticut reopening guidelines: Maine reopening guidelines: Massachusetts reopening guidelines: