Fall into the Season with Food

We are excited to introduce the Wellness Committee and all the exciting events we have planned for our District.

         We all know that healthy eating is good for our bodies but we often forget how it affects our moods, our memory, and even our sleeping patterns. Eating whats in season is not only more beneficial for your body but for your wallet too. Fruits and vegetables that are in season are harvested and ripened more naturally which means the nutrients in these foods are more bioavailable to us, not to mention tastier! Some fall flavors to look for are broccoli, apples, pumpkin, brussel sprouts, onions, parsnips, sweet potatoes, peas, or radishes to name a few.

         Planning meals for the upcoming week on the weekends helps us stay consistent in nourishing our minds and bodies and avoiding overspending on last minute bad decisions. Having a collection of healthy and easy recipes at hand help make it easier when having to plan for meals, such as our awesome cookbook available for purchase coming soon to your inbox.

A few things to remember when meal planning:

  • Choosing meals you would enjoy as leftovers
  • Prepare and portion healthy snacks ahead of time
  • Cook a large portion of your meal components to have on hand throughout the week such as proteins or carbohydrates to minimize prep time in the kitchen

Join us for our Cooking Series with Wellness

        The Wellness Committee kicked off our cooking series on Sunday, October 16 with Shrimp Tacos! We are selling our spill proof cookbooks filled with all our Cooking Series recipes and some extras we threw in for fun. We will be cooking delicious things such as carne asada, sheet pan chicken fajitas, and fruit pizza for dessert to name a few. Cooking series is free to join, but our cookbooks will be available for a small fee. Can’t wait to see you all there! Keep an eye out for emails and instagram posts!

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