Back to (Dental) School: Part 2

By: Aimee Parado (TUSDM ‘24) and Sweta Parikh (UNE ’23)

For the second and final part of our Back to School Series, Jessica Murphree (HSDM ‘23), Swati Gupta (BU ‘23), and Diandra A. Jones (TUSDM ‘25) share more of their back-to-school tips. This post focuses on factors that contribute to a student’s well-being in dental school.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

How do you stay healthy in dental school?

Jessica Murphree: Snacks, naps, and books.

Swati Gupta: Maintaining a healthy body and mind is very important. I have issues like back and neck pain, and migraine and stress is a contributing factor. For me, it is very important that not only my mind stays de-stressed, but that I also maintain my posture and weight with healthy eating habits. I have realized that if I keep eating at 4-hour intervals at least, I do not get hunger pains or feel tired. I carry a fiber biscuit with me from Belvita and eat them at different intervals. I also carry a small water bottle to keep hydrated. These habits keep me very energized for the whole day’s work and studies.

Diandra A. Jones: I stay healthy by exercising every day for at least 30 minutes. This includes either the gym, a yoga session, or an intense stretch session (I am trying to get my flexibility back lol). I am also very intentional about what I eat; I like a lot of vegetables and fruit, and I do my best to only have healthy snacks.

How do you meet new people and make friends in dental school?

Swati Gupta: I have been making a lot of friends in Boston. There are a lot of events outside school where I meet dentists or students, and we discuss things or go out.

Diandra A. Jones: Whenever I am in a new setting with new classmates, I make an effort to ask their names and just let the conversation flow from there!

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

How do you stay positive in dental school?

Jessica Murphree: Bonding with classmates is key—you’re all going to be relying on one another for the next four years, so make sure to reach out and stay in touch!

Swati Gupta: Staying positive is a task and a learning process. I am a big fan of Paulo Coelho and reading his books has helped me a lot to stay calm and positive. I listen to inspirational talks when I feel low. My family is very religious and that helps a lot, especially when you are in school and dealing with lots of things. Having a good friend or a partner who believes in you is a bonus. Sometimes, days can be very dark and staying positive seems hard, but listening to inspirational talks can help one come out of it. It certainly helps me!

Diandra A. Jones: My thought has always been: “Every day I have breath in my lungs, I will make it a good day.” I’ve only been in dental school for a few weeks now, but I learned early on that no matter how tough life gets, at least I am alive to learn and grow from it. That’s what keeps me motivated and positive. Also, a lot of faith and prayer!

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