UNE ASDA: Successful First Webinar for Predental Students

By: Michelle Morales

On July 26th 2020, the Predental Committee at the University of New England (UNE)  hosted our first online “Predental Webinar Q&A Series,” where 50 predental students from 19 different states across the U.S. had the opportunity to learn more about the College of Dental Medicine (CDM), DMD Program at UNE, and the dental school application process. The students were also given some insight into our CDM community and what life as a dental student looks like at UNE. Predental students were asked to submit questions for our Q&A portion and were invited to participate in an open discussion with our panelists of current D2, D3, and D4 dental students. 

Participants appreciated how our students were willing to share their personal dental school experiences while answering the questions submitted.  Some comments we received from students after the webinar were the following: 

“The dental student panel always answered with genuine responses. I appreciated how they discussed some of the challenges and setbacks they overcame to get into dental school.”

“I loved how supportive the panelists were! It definitely spoke volumes to me about the wonderful sorts of people that are at your school! Some webinars are very factual and perfect. Yours was so down-to-earth and uplifting. I felt very comfortable! I’ll definitely apply here!”

“The first thing was that everyone was extremely nice and genuine. Just by listening to the current UNE dental students I can see it’s like a family/community I want to be a part of. Second, it was extremely informative and I got a lot of tips that will help for this application cycle.”

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