“Building Bridges” in Pittsburgh – Annual Session Recap

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.45.51 PM.pngThis year’s Annual Session brought students from across the country to Pittsburgh, PA for Annual Session. From electing our new Executive Committee to attending House of Delegates meetings and hearings, District 1 had a great time spending time in the Steel City. Some of our District 1 attendees reflected back on the #BestWeekEver as they point out some of their favorite events:

Airy Choi – D20 Tufts

Tufts ASDA 1st Delegate

Annual Session is by far my most favorite National ASDA conference, and I am very fortunate to have been to my third one this year. You really get to see the heart and soul of ASDA at this conference. It takes place in a different city every year, and this year, it took place in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.


Not only was this my very first ASDA conference that I attended as a first year, but it is the conference that sparked my “ASDA fever”. You really get to see how organized dentistry works at large, and it is simply an amazing feeling to know that your voice is being heard. Whether it may be voting on new or existing policies, partaking in voting for our new national executive committee, and networking with over 600 other dental students from all across the country, I cannot pick just one favorite thing about this conference.

This was also our second year applying for the Gold Crown Awards, which is an award ceremony that recognizes ASDA chapters for all of their accomplishments for the past year. This year, we were recognized for being in the top three for best newsletter. I am incredibly proud of Tufts ASDA and can’t wait to bring home the crown next year!

Krupali Patel, AS DMD20 – Boston

BU ASDA Diversity & Inclusion Committee


“True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” Few weeks ago as I attended the 49th ASDA Annual session at Pittsburgh, PA, I am still completely enthralled as I look
back at the #Bestweekever. Being my first Annual session as a pre-doctoral student ,its tough to elucidate how motivational and metamorphic this event has been! I’m humbled for this opportunity to be able to reconnect with old friends from previous meetings, build new bridges with some amazing people, gain detailed insights on organized dentistry and association policies and witness ASDA’s new EC for the upcoming year. One of the most rewarding part of attending this conference was seeing firsthand how leaders emerges despite the circumstances they are put through and the strong advocacy efforts of students to move our profession forward. The Gold Crown awards and Presidents Gala truly allowed us to have an exhilarating weekend and I couldn’t be more excited for the relationships I’ve built. I now even more eagerly strive to work harder and be the best version of the person I can be in the ever-changing landscape of dentistry. Thankful to BU ASDA and BUGSDM for this invaluable experience and ASDA journey! I’ll be counting days until the next ASDA fam Reunion! #ASDAAdventures #ASDAfever #BridgetoASDA #ASDAconnections #ASDAnet #ASDAfam @dentalstudents


Jess RudmanD20 – Connecticut

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.32.16 PM.png

Editorial Board – Contributing Editor 

Annual Session 2019 was the best weekend of my dental school career. It exceeded all my expectations and made me excited to return home and share my experience with my chapter. I met so many new people, from all different schools and Districts, and this really opened my eyes to the great people involved in ASDA. I loved being a part of meetings and sitting in on the House of Delegates. It was an incredible experience, made better by the incredible people surrounding me. I encourage everyone to go to Annual Session during there time in dental school as it truly was a week I will always remember.

Karen He, D’20 – Harvard

District 1 Fundraising Vice-Chair


The 2019 ASDA annual session was held in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I had the opportunity to represent Harvard’s ASDA chapter as Second Delegate along with First Delegate Kasey Ha. I had an incredible time meeting and exchanging ideas with other chapters’ delegates, participating in the House of Delegates Meeting where we debated on proposed resolutions and set policies and initiatives for the upcoming year, and voting in the election of national ASDA leaders. Coming away from this experience, my heart is full from meeting so many talented student leaders who have dedicated themselves to improving our future profession through organized dentistry. I am confident we have elected the most capable individuals to represent dental student voices in the national discussion of rising student debt and access to care issues. Finally, I was blown away by the accomplishments of amazing ASDA chapters and chapter leaders who were honored during the Gold Crown Awards Ceremony and my mind is filled with ideas I want to bring back to my own chapter to implement this year. As for next year, Gold Crown awards, Harvard ASDA is coming for you!

JT Vegrzyn D21 Boston 

District 1 TrusteeScreen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.37.47 PM.png

Last weekend, students from all over the country gathered for ASDA’s Annual Session, and the city of bridges did not disappoint. Participating in the caucus for the election of our national leaders showed me firsthand that our organization is in great hands, and seeing the House of Delegates meet for the second time gave me a much better understanding of how to bring a resolution to the floor. All in all, I learned a great deal, but I also had a lot of fun. The boat cruise social and mechanical bull gave us the opportunity to meet some new people and connect with friends at other schools. It was definitely a weekend to remember, and I look forward to more great experiences this upcoming year.

Matt Lee – D20 Tufts

Council on Communications Associate


This year’s Annual Session gave me better insight into the business/governing side of ASDA. After attending Annual Session last year and seeing how the executive board leaders worked well together, it was more powerful and meaningful to watch the new executive board members get elected as it showed howmuch the former board members worked well with one another. This gave me great hope and anticipation for the new ASDA Executive Board Leaders for this upcoming year to see how they all work together as a committee and what they all have planned for in terms of advocating for dental students in ASDA. Annual Session also allowed me to review various topics of ASDA such as the mission statement and parliamentary procedure.

With the theme being revolved around “Building Bridges,” I found that I was able to meet new people at this conference and build that hypothetical bridge by creating new friendships with other dental students in ASDA across the country. I was able to learn what got them into ASDA as well as learn more about what the culture and curriculum of their dental school. I’m also honored to be a part of Tufts ASDA and to represent Tufts on a national level with a national position. I hope I can also build that hypothetical bridge by better creating the link between the chapter/district to national.



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