District 1 Boat Cruise Recap

We had our 2nd annual District 1 Boston Harbor Boat Cruise on Saturday, September 29th. With over 600 people attending from our 5 district 1 schools, this year’s event was a success, almost increasing the size of attendance by over 100 people. We also had our very own Taylor Paek, Boston University D’21 Communication Vice-Chair, and Lindsey Janof, Boston University D’19 District 1 Trustee, takeover @DentalStudents Instagram account for this event.
Our District 1 Secretary, JTVegrzyn D’21 at Boston University, gave us a recap on his experience of this year’s boat cruise as well as the evening social that followed at Wild Rover.
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 8.21.30 PM.png“With this school year’s workload starting to pick up and chilly fall weather just around the corner, ASDA’s Second Annual District One Boat Cruise seemed to be the perfect way to spend last Saturday evening. Seventy-five degrees and not a cloud in the sky… it couldn’t be a more perfect night to spend on the water. As check-in began, over six hundred students from UNE, Harvard, UConn, Tufts, and Boston University began to funnel in for our evening of fun. Having helped with the event, it was great to see such strong attendance and representation from every school.
Upon boarding the boat, the downstairs area filled up quickly as people grabbed a quick dinner or refreshments before heading up to the top of the boat. With chicken fingers, pizza, pasta, and salad, it was tempting to stay down there for a while, but as the night went on, everyone eventually made their way their way to the deck. Not only was the weather beautiful but the deck offered an illuminated view of the Boston skyline, good company, and an electric dance floor with a great DJ. This was truly a recipe for a great time. Meeting new people and having the opportunity to see friends from other schools were some of the highlights of my evening.


When the cruise finally docked back up in the harbor, rather than end the night, many people went over to Wild Rover to continue the fun. Packed wall-to-wall, anyone that walked into Wild Rover would see immediately that District One knows how to have a great time.
All in all, the ASDA District One Boat Cruise was filled with new friendships, dancing, food, and, most importantly, a great a night.”

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