Working Out on a Budget – Anna Lam (Tufts ’20, District One Communications Committee Member)

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Along with the stressful lives of being dental students comes several expenses and living on a budget. Whether it’s the actual cost of education, groceries, rent or spending money for social life, we all want to save as much money as possible. Spending more money on a gym membership is another burden on the bank account. Fortunately, working out doesn’t have to be expensive or a burden! There are several ways you can get a work out in on a budget.

  1. Some of the best workouts are free! Running, walking and biking are all free! Not only are these all free, but they’re also a great way to get some fresh air and explore the area around you. One of my favorite apps on the phone to keep track of any running or biking activity that you do is called Strava. Strava tracks the route, miles and gives you your average MPH. You can also follow all your friends and motivate one another. The app also has monthly or weekly challenges that you and your friends can compete in with one another. Best part of all, this app is free!
  2. The gym isn’t the only place to work out. YouTube is one of my go-to resource for a quick work out! YouTube has an endless supply of new workouts that vary in time length which is a necessity with our busy dental school lives. The workouts can range from as short as 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes. You can find HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts and even a quick yoga session!
  3. Take advantage of your ASDA Chapter’s Wellness Activities. Attend any events that your chapter may be holding for a wellness event. Here at Tufts, we have held events such a spinning class for as cheap at $10! These events will get your heart pumping and your mind clear. Attending nearby ASDA chapters’ wellness events is also a great way to support your fellow colleagues.
  4. Take advantage of discounts and trial deals. Working out on a budget means you don’t want to waste any money. Several gyms, yoga studios or cycling centers will offer a discounted price to new members on their first class. Some studios will even offer you a discount if you refer a friend! Groupon is a great website to look for discount deals for workout packages as well. Instead of paying full price, you can find cheap discounted rates to your favorite workout studios! ClassPass is also another one of my favorite ways to work out. It’s an app that allows you to take class at different studios. They always have trial deals so you can take 5 classes in your city.

The key to working out on a budget is to stay motivated and stay positive. Make it a year-round commitment to work towards making thoughtful choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life!

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