District One Voices – Abe Kwok (UConn ’20, District One Membership Committee Member)


Name: Abraham Kwok
School: UConn
Class year: 2020
Hometown: Mystic, CT
What was the last book you read? I picked up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn a while back and really enjoyed the pacing and twists. This was definitely one of my favorite thrillers.
Where do you think you’d like to have a practice (if that’s what you want)? I think I would probably like to practice out in the west. Gotta love California, but Arizona is beautiful, too.
What’s your favorite food? Can’t go wrong with pasta. A good chicken parm can make my week. Italian cuisine has a very special place in my heart.
What’s your favorite ASDA event you’ve attended? ASDA’s 2015 Fall Leadership Conference at University of New England was my first and favorite event I have had the pleasure to attend. Even though I grew up in the Northeast, I never had the chance to explore much of Maine. This conference and their social event gave me an opportunity to establish some great relationships and learn more about Portland, Maine in the process.
What’s your favorite word? My favorite word is Balance. Ever since I have been fully engaged in dental school, I have had plenty of opportunity to practice the idea of work-life balance. I have learned to become more efficient with my time and develop an appreciation for our profession.

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