District One Voices – Aparna Bhat (UNE ’19, District One Events Vice-Chair)


​Name: Aparna Bhat
School: UNE
Class year2019
HometownArroyo Grande, CA
What was the last book you read? When Breath Becomes Air, one of my friends recommended it to me, and it was a great read!
Where do you think you’d like to have a practice (if that’s what you want)? I’m not really sure yet – I like California, but I don’t know where life will take me.
What’s your favorite food? I actually really love Indian food, it’s what I grew up with, and I love the different spices and flavors in different dishes. But I also really love Thai and Mexican food – basically anything with a spice element, I love.
What’s your favorite ASDA event you’ve attended? The ASDA/HSDA Community Soccer Tournament that we had in the fall of 2016. I’m a little biased, because I organized the event, but it ended up having a larger turnout than we had expected, and most importantly, everyone had a ton of fun.
What’s your favorite word? Perspicacious. Because it’s pretty fun to say.

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