#BeWellASDA – Tufts Spotlight – Evanthia Vranas (Tufts ’20, District One Secretary)

​With ASDA’s Wellness Month coming to a close, a quick spotlight on Tuft’s ASDA Chapter Wellness events reminds us all that wellness plays a role in our everyday lives. National ASDA strongly encourages students to put their health and well-being as a top priority, including physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and environmental wellness dimensions. As dental students, we have exams to pass, patients to treat, research to do, all while remembering that taking care of ourselves is the only way we will get through it all. Whether it is meal prepping, meditating, going for runs, or creating art, this article features the many events that Tufts ASDA has put on in the past year to provide students the opportunity to come together, living healthier and happier lives.

Study with a View
During Finals Week, stress levels tend to increase and outside distractions do not help put one’s mind at ease. Therefore, students attended Study with a View, a week-long event where after class students were allowed to study in rooms with scenic views overlooking the city of Boston as the sun was setting. With fruit infused water and healthy snacks provided as well, students entered a stress-free environment and found that they were more productive studying.

Healthy Recipe Swap
Without a lot of free time during the week and short lunch breaks, many students had mentioned their struggle in having time to (or knowing how to) make quick and easy recipes that were healthy. One night, a group of students got together to share their recipes and dishes with one another. Now those students have some new recipes to add to their cookbooks back home and motivation from each other that eating healthy really can be easy, even as a busy dental student! Pro tip: meal prep on Sundays! Some of those recipes are shown in the picture below!

Color Run and UNE Miles for Smiles 
While some students were studying for boards or seeing patients this summer, they also knew that sometimes they needed to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather! A number of students participated in many of the races occurring throughout the New England area. To start off the summer, a group of students attended the Color Run, the Happiest Race on Earth! By the end of the 3-mile race, students were covered with all different colors and smiles across their faces. To end the summer and welcome fall, a group of Tufts students went north to visit their friends at UNE’s dental school for their 3rd annual Miles for Smiles 5K. Not only was Maine a beautiful place to run, but all the proceeds for the event went to the Root Cellar Dental Clinic (serving those who cannot afford dental care in Portland, Maine).

As a joint event with some BU ASDA friends, at the beginning of the school year students participated in Wanderlust, a mindful triathlon. The first leg of the triathlon was a run on the beautiful and very runner-friendly Charles River Esplanade. Then the second leg of the triathlon was an upbeat and rejuvenating yoga flow led by a local yoga instructor. The final leg of the triathlon was a meditation to unite together and fill each other up with love, happiness, and hope. After this, the students also participated in workshops such as AcroYoga and aromatherapy.

In the past year, two events have been held at this local studio that Tufts ASDA absolutely loves! Turnstyle is just down the street from the school and offers classes before and after school and clinic times, so there is almost always a student or two there spinning away in a class. The private rides are great to bring together friends that are experienced and first-time riders, all wanting a way to get the endorphins flowing and sweat it all out!

Weekly Yoga and Meditation
At Tufts, we are very lucky to have an endodontist who also is a certified yoga instructor. Every week she holds yoga and meditations classes that are open to the entire school. During ASDA Wellness Month, to promote physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of wellness, students were motivated to attend these sessions as well as a yoga flow in the Boston Public Gardens all for a chance to win some yoga inspired prizes!

Dentistry is considered an art in many ways and an event to just unwind and color brought this out in many of students. This event was held at the beginning of the September ASDA Wellness Month to reiterate that wellness is not just physical. By allowing students to revert back to their childish ways and explore coloring pages, the creativity was contagious!

Starting Mondays Right
Every Monday during ASDA Wellness Month, a basket of fruit from the local HayMarket was placed out for students to enjoy and start their weeks off right! This is a new trend starting at Tufts that we hope will continue throughout the year, motivating students to start off each week with a fresh new outlook and a nutritious breakfast!

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