District One Voices – Nicholas Pray (UConn ’20, District One Pre-Dental Committee)


Name: Nicholas Pray
School: UConn
Class year: 2020
Hometown: ​Northampton, MA
What was the last book you read? Kind of embarrassing, but it was “Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps” by Kelly Williams Brown. It basically taught me how to be a semi-functioning being.
Where do you think you’d like to have a practice (if that’s what you want)? I am looking to either practice in Maine or the Boston area. I went to college in Maine and fell in love with the state, but most of my family lives in Boston. Only time will tell!
What’s your favorite food? I am obsessed with the incredibly basic chicken tikka masala.
What’s your favorite ASDA event you’ve attended? I am very new to ASDA, so I would have to say UConn’s ASDA lunch and learns. Who doesn’t like free lunch, talks concerning dentistry, and good vibes? Looking forward to participating in more events!
What’s your favorite word? It would have to be the word “snazzy”, which technically means stylish. I try to work it into my day to day conversations- even when the word doesn’t make sense in context. People tend to not notice (I hope).

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