Boston Food Export – Lindsey Janof (BU ’19, District One Membership Chair)

From America’s oldest ballpark to New England’s famous Clam Chowder, Boston is known for being one of the most historical and populous cities in the United States. When I came to Boston for dental school, I knew I had to experience all that Boston had to offer, especially the food! Below are some of my favorite places to eat when I am not in the Patient Treatment Center or studying in the library.

Boston Burger Company
Location: 1100 Boylston Street
What to Get: 4/20 Burger
What it’s made of: mozzarella sticks, fried mac & cheese, onion rings, fries, bacon, golden BBQ sauce, American cheese
Dessert: #FreakFrappe

Boston Burger Company is known for its wildly topped burgers and to-die-for milkshakes. All their sauces are made from scratch and their menu is perfect for students on a low budget. I have come here numerous times with classmates after exams, labs, and to relax during study breaks. My favorite burger is the 4/20 burger, which literally has anything you could ever imagine on top. Another good choice is the Mac Attack Burger with fried mac and cheese (featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives), and the Artery Clogger. If there is one thing you needto get while here, it is their well-known Frappes. My favorite is the Oreo Frappe, but the S’more Than You Can Handle is next on my list!
El Centro
Location: 472 Shawmut Avenue
What to Get: Chimichanga
What it’s made of: Mexican-style flour wrap stuffed with a choice of shredded beef, charcoal grilled steak, marinated pork, or chicken, then pan fried and immersed in salsa Narciso Romero
Appetizer: Chips Y Salsa

El Centro is located right near BU Dental and is one of my favorite spots to eat in between classes. The restaurant itself is warm and intimate, packed full of handmade decorations. My favorite meal is the charcoal grilled steak chimichanga. A night out at El Centro wouldn’t be complete without enjoying their delicious chips, salsa, and guacamole as an appetizer.
Blackbird Donuts
Location: 492 Tremont Street
What to Get: Every single doughnut and make it an ice cream sandwich

Nothing says “treat yo’ self” like Blackbird donuts. Not only can you get a regular doughnut, but they can even cut your doughnut in half and make it into an ice cream sandwich, even with sprinkles! Some of my favorite doughnuts include vanilla glazed, cookies & cream, triple chocolate, and chocolate old fashioned.
Location: 1595 Washington Street
What to Get: Any Sandwich
Dessert: Sticky Bun
Flour is my home away from home, and has literally gotten me through dental school. Their sandwiches are always fresh and large enough to even save some for later. My favorite lunch special is definitely the smoked turkey, but the roasted lamb comes in a quick second. Sometimes for breakfast, I will stop by and get French toast. Although their food is great, the real treasure of Flour is their sticky buns. Made of sticky caramel and toasted pecans, I am positive it is one of the best desserts I have ever tasted.

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