District One Voices – Eric Ress (UConn ’20, District One Wellness Co-Chair)


Today marks the beginning of an exciting new bi-weekly theme we will be bringing to you through our District 1 Pearls blog – this theme is titled District One Voices.

We know it’s easy to forget that you’re part of a much bigger community within dental school – one that extends, believe it or not, beyond your own school walls! So what better way to remember this than to give you periodic local ASDA leadership mini-biographies so that you can start getting to know your colleagues at all five of the New England dental schools?

These are meant to be quick snapshots of these colorful and brilliantly dynamic people that you’ll hopefully get to know better at local District One ASDA events, or even at National ASDA events! We hope you enjoy our first installment and each one thereafter!

Our first District One Voice is Eric Ress, a first-year student out of UConn. Not only is he our District One Wellness Co-Chair, but he was also a participant at our 2017 Yankee Dental Congress Debate! He and his partner Jillian Dubuisson garnered an honorable second place finish, ultimately being eclipsed only by the incredible Tufts duo of Kevin Campbell and Thomas Whitmer. So, without further ado, I give you:

Name: Eric Ress
Class year: 2020
Hometown: Hebron, Connecticut
What was the last book you read? “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss. I haven’t been reading for fun as much since starting school, but this was a great sci-fi/fantasy book. It’s the second in a series and I highly recommend the first book “The Name of the Wind” if you enjoy fantasy.
Where do you think you’d like to have a practice (if that’s what you want)? As of now I’d like to stay in the Northeast. I went to undergrad in the Midwest, moved to California for you a year, then spent some time living in France, so it’s a relief to be home in Connecticut after being gone for so long. I also recognize that residency/job opportunities may take me anywhere so I’m open to moving where the job takes me!
What’s your favorite food? Hands down falafel/middle eastern food. I’m lucky enough to have a great falafel place close to school and probably could have it every day.
What’s your favorite ASDA event you’ve attended? I would have to say the Yankee Dental Congress debate. Although I was nervous on stage, I enjoyed seeing other students from the district 1 schools and hearing what they all had to say about current events in dentistry. Participating in the debate got me out of my comfort zone and really motivated me to get more involved with ASDA.
What’s your favorite word? Tough call, but facetious is up there. Aside from the fact that it has all the vowels in order, it’s fun to say and also great at expressing a situation or thought.

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